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As a parent, you aren’t expected to know everything there is about medicine. However, you learn what you must in order to keep your children happy and healthy. Yet, what if a medical accident occurred, would you know what to do? This is why you need reliable coverage during the worst of situations.

According to The Press-Telegram, nearly a third of middle- aged Americans regularly take baby aspirin in the hopes of preventing a heart attack or lowering their cancer risk. However, new research shows that aspirin is not beneficial for everyone and sometimes, this medicine is doing more harm than good.

“I stop a lot more aspirin than I start,” said Dr. Alison Bailey, director of the cardiac rehabilitation program at the Gill Heart Institute at the University of Kentucky. “People don’t even consider aspirin a medicine, or consider that you can have side effects from it. That’s the most challenging part of aspirin therapy.”

Last week, researchers in London reported that regular aspirin users were 10% less likely than the others to have any type of heart event, and 20% less likely to have a nonfatal heart attack. This may sound like good news, but the study showed that the risks of regular aspirin outweighed the benefits.

Overall, for every 162 people who took aspirin, the drug prevented one nonfatal heart attack, but caused about two serious bleeding episodes. In addition, among men who have had a heart attack, regular aspirin use can be lifesaving, lowering the risk of a second heart event by 20% to 30%. It also reduces the risk of a recurrence of a stroke caused by a blood clot among women.

At RDS Insurance Brokers, we are dedicated to serving our community by making sure their health is on the right track. Whether you lead an active or inactive lifestyle, it is important to make your family feels secure if an accident were to occur. Therefore, having our California medical insurance will help you find peace of mind in an unpredictable world!

Do you have piles of medical bills that you are overwhelmed with? Let us help you manage the stress and find a healthy coverage plan. Our team will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect policy so you can avoid major financial loss. From doctors visits to specialized care to medical testing and more, we have options that will satisfy your needs. So rather than stressing, take control of your family’s medical situation with the help of our California medical insurance!


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