Why RDS is so Thankful in 2015

by mshoemaker

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Today and everyday RDS Insurance Brokers is thankful for our customers and all the great people we get to work with at the different carriers.  At Thanksgiving, we at RDS Insurance Brokers like to reflect on some of the other wonderful things in life we are thankful for.  Here are just a few of those things…

Janet: “My boys”

Joan: “Being able to have my parents, children and extended family in my life.”

Maria Foye: “Another year of life.”

Nana: “My family and friends.”

Maria Munoz: “There are so many things that I’m thankful for that it is hard to pick one.”

Randy: “My family”

Karin: “My family, especially my new baby nephew, Deklan.”

Gail: “My family and friends.”

Toni: “I am thankful for so much: people, things and memories.   My best friend, confident, sweetheart, husband; my son and his sweetheart; friends and family that are there even when we don’t see them, places I traveled and times spent with all of them wrapped into great memories.”

Carrie: “There’s so much that I am thankful for.  I’m extremely thankful for the loving and caring family that I have and for my precious son, who I adore.  I cherish all of the days that I get to spend with my family so I’m also thankful that I’m healthy and that most of my loved ones are too.  The one’s that haven’t been very healthy this past year have fought a big battle and are slowly but surely getting better.  I’m also thankful that I have a roof over my head, food in my (not so small) belly, and a wonderful new job!”


We also wanted to share what Thanksgiving traditions we are looking forward most:

Janet: “Spending time with family and friends.”

Carrie: “Getting together with all of my family and friends and enjoying great food!  I can’t wait for the pumpkin swirled cheesecake drizzled with caramel sauce.”

Joan: “Preparing the annual meal for everyone.”

Toni: “Hot chocolate, warm fires, laughter and rain, if I’m lucky.”

Maria Foye: “Don’t really have a specific tradition, just excited for Thanksgiving.”

Nana: “No traditions, just looking forward to the day overall.”

Maria Munoz: “Playing games with the Family.”

Randy: “Spending time with friends.”

Gail: “Thanksgiving dinner!”

Karin: “Every year my family goes bowling with 4 other families on Wednesday, (night before Thanksgiving). Our kids have grown up with each other since kindergarten. Now they are off to college, so this holiday feels extra special having them all home for our annual turkey bowling.”

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