Holiday Gift Ideas that are Easy on you and the Environment

by mshoemaker

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Hard to believe Christmas is next week. Here are some easy last minute gift ideas that are easy on the environment, too.

  1. Memories, not stuff. How many kids do you know that already have mounds of toys just pilling up? Try, instead of adding to the mess, to add memories. Get a season pass to a local zoo, aquarium, or wilderness center. Spending time together will be fun and educational for the whole family, and will last longer than just Christmas Day.
  2. Give to others. Donate in honor of someone to their favorite charity. Better yet create a family tradition to give your time helping others at a food bank, shelter or the humane society.
  3. Digital subscription. No need to remember mailing addresses with this last minute gift. Each month they will think fondly of you when they get their digital magazine subscription. Plus you will help save paper.
  4. Email a coupon book. A great gift for a kid to send to parents. Create digital coupons that parents can redeem with their kids like “good for one load of laundry” or “redeem for one week of taking out the trash.” It’s thoughtful, free, and will help busy parents out.
  5. Basket of goodies. You can pick on up or create your own basket. Yummy edible goodies are always a hit and tend to go fast. Plus items like a bottle of wine can be saved or opened during or after the holiday festivities. Check labels for things like USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Protected Harvest Certified, or Fair Trade for eco-friendly brownie points.
  6. Plants. As long as your friend or loved one has a green thumb, try a little greenery. You can get a potted plant or even a small herb garden.
  7. Re-gift without re-gifting. See if you have any unwanted items you can repurpose into neat gifts. Use an old sweater to make gloves or old jeans to make a bag. Get creative and personalize gifts for everyone left on your list.

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No matter what you get your family and friends this holiday season, enjoy the time you get to spend with them.  If you do get some valuable gifts this holiday season, don’t forget to check that your insurance policies are up dated.  RDS Insurance wishes you a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season!

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