Get Your New Year Started on the Right Track

by mshoemaker

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Every year we make resolution and most people have a hard time keeping them. Here are some tips to help keep you on track this New Year.

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  1. Clean and organize your kitchen: Most of us have an easier time cooking when we are organized and know what we tools and foods we are working with. If you are wanting to plan meals ahead of time, find a place for the crock pot out in the opening. Or put your juicer where you won’t forget to use it.
  2. Find the positive: Try to let go of negativity this year. Not only will you feel happier, but it could help make you healthier too. Studies show that being more positive can help reduce stress. Plus positivity can be contagious, you can help make people around you feel more positive and happy.
  3. Light up your world: Try using lighter colors in your spaces that will reflect light. Use more lamps, candles and open those drapes. Light, especially natural light helps you feel awake and alert. Not having enough light when you are working can cause eye strain so check your light levels.
  4. Add comfort and joy: No we aren’t talking about the holiday season. We are talking about the letdown after the holidays. All the bright lights, festive decorations, and plenty of family and friends. It’s no wonder after the holidays are over and the decorations come down people feel sad. Try adding some comfy new blankets or happy joyous flowers to your space. Don’t let yourself get down.
  5. Sort out your life: We all get a backlog of papers and emails. Take some time to sort through your old papers and digital data. Now is a great time to back up all of your documents from last year. Plus it could help give you a start on finding what you need for taxes.

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