New Year….New You?

by mshoemaker

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It’s that time again, New Year’s resolution time.  Are you going to resolve to lose weight and get in shape?  While physical health is an admirable goal, most people find it difficult to stick with.

Instead, try to make a resolution that will be easier to keep and just as healthy for you.  Set milestones for yourself and build from there.  Here are some ideas.

  1. Resolution to keep the house clean. Start with making your bed every morning and making sure there are not any dirty dishes in the sink when you go to bed each night.  Add chores until you are in the habit of keeping the house tidy all the time.
  2. Be more positive. It is hard to be positive all the time.  Try keeping positive quotes around to encourage positive thoughts.  Focusing on positive things help to make you a more positive person.  Try writing positive things down to focus on instead of negativity.
  3. Find a new productive hobby. A new hobby, whether is it painting, bowling, or scrapbooking, hobbies can be a great way to get out and meet new people.  Not sure what hobbies you like?  Try some out and see what you enjoy.  Many community centers offer adult evening classes for painting, dance, even cooking, start small before investing money in a hobby you don’t enjoy.

There is an endless number of resolution possibilities, whatever you decide, make sure you start out slowly and work your way up to your end goal.  You don’t want to burn yourself out by January 5th.  Don’t forget to give us at RDS Insurance Brokers a call when you have some wonderful changes in your life this year, whether it is a marriage or a new driver, you want to make sure your insurance policies are up to date.

Happy New Year!!!

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