It’s Pumpkin Carving Time…

by mshoemaker

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It’s October, and with Halloween around the corner, it is time to start planning this year’s pumpkin carving.

Here are a few tips when carving your pumpkin:

  1. Make sure you pick a nice pumpkin without any bruises and a flat bottom so it doesn’t roll.
  2. Cut the top at an angle so the “lid” doesn’t fall in.
  3. Clean the pulp out of the pumpkin and you can even reuse the pulp in your pumpkin design or save the seeds to roast later.
  4. Don’t forget to preserve your pumpkin, not sure how? Here are some methods:
    • You can spray the inside of your carved pumpkin with WD-40.
    • Or try rubbing petroleum jelly on the carved portions of the pumpkin to lock in the moisture.
    • Olive oil can also help lock in the moisture once carved.

If you will by leaving lit up pumpkins unattended, try using battery powered flicker candles to avoid any issues with fire.  If the pumpkins will be attended and you want to use real candles, try adding some cinnamon to the pumpkin lid, it will make it smell like pumpkin pie.  Always remember to be safe and carful when carving and help smaller children to keep them from injuring themselves.

RDS Insurance Brokers wishes you the happiest of Octobers and best Halloween.

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