Commercial Specialty Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance

Named for its original role in the protection of marine shipped cargo, modern-day inland marine insurance fills gaps in commercial property protections—whether that property is on land, sea or in the air. Businesses in different industries may need different types of coverage as part of their inland marine package, including the following:

  • Construction – Builders risk, contractors equipment, installation and riggers liability
  • Technology and communication – Cable television, electronic equipment, medical imaging equipment, physicians and surgeons, and telecommunications equipment
  • Transportation – Commercial transport, legal liability, motor truck cargo, railroad rolling stock and tank storage
  • Miscellaneous floaters – Armored cars, furriers block, installation sales, jewelers block and related property

 Agriculture Insurance

Farmers face significant, unpredictable risks. After all, no one is more temperamental than Mother Nature. Safeguard your crops and your business with protection specific to the agriculture industry, including the following:

  • Farm property insurance – The machinery you use is expensive. Farm property insurance provides protection for your building structures, garages, machinery, equipment, livestock and operational inventory (such as grain, animal feed and fertilizer).
  • Crop insurance – Hail, droughts, ice, fire or price declines, can all be devastating to your crops and your bank account. Crop insurance protects you from losses due to diseases, pests and the elements.
  • GAP program – Although not mandatory by federal law, the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) program helps ensure product safety by being proactive about reducing foodborne illness. Developing a GAP program at your facility can help alleviate concerns of product liability. When devising a GAP program, RDS Insurance Brokers encourages you to consider the following items:
  • Water quality
  • Treatment of manure
  • Employee health and hygiene
  • Sanitation areas
  • Field sanitation
  • Packing facilities
  • Transportation

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