Not all personal insurance coverage fits neatly into an auto or homeowners policy. To mitigate other types of risk, you’ll need to think outside the box—and we can help. Specialty insurance focuses on specific risks that fall outside the realm of your standard policies but can be just as important in protecting your family and your assets.

Umbrella/Excess Liability

When the limits of the liability protection that come with your home or auto insurance are exceeded by one or more claims, you could be held financially responsible for excess amounts. Umbrella insurance extends the limits of your underlying liability coverage and provides protection so you don’t wind up paying large out-of-pocket expenses.

Earthquake Coverage

Don’t assume that your homeowners insurance will compensate you for damage caused to your home during an earthquake; it won’t. You must have a separate earthquake policy to cover structural damage to your home and destroyed or damaged possessions.

Life Insurance

Many people can purchase optional life insurance coverage from their employer. Those who can’t should considering buying a policy of their own. Burials, wakes and cremation are pricey, and even the most modest of funerals could cost your family thousands. Life insurance gives your family members the financial security they need as they adjust to life without you.

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Almost all vehicles should be insured, including sailboats, motorboats, yachts and personal watercrafts. As any watercraft owner knows, boats are a big investment. Protect your watercraft from accidents or incidents with proper watercraft coverage.

Wedding/Event Coverage

Each year, the average wedding costs more and more. The success of big, expensive events are always contingent on things that are often out of your control, such as the weather and vendor reliability. Don’t run the risk of losing all the money you’ve spent to make your day special. Protect the event you’ve planned with specialty event coverage.


The vacations you plan could cost thousands of dollars. Between airfare, hotels and tours, people lose their deposits all too often due to inclement weather or forces beyond their control. Travel insurance guarantees that your money is protected if there is a last-minute change in plans.

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